GlamGals Cosmetics 10 Color Powder Palette Review

Isn’t it amazing when you can get a lot of use from just one single palette? I personally love makeup kits which have different sections to fulfil your everyday makeup needs. Those palettes are perfect if you’re always on the go and cannot be bothered with several makeup items or when you don’t want to cram your makeup bag when on a vacation. So I decided to share with you a review about the GlamGals Cosmetics 10 Color Powder Palettes. While trying out their various products which they very generously sent to me, I decided that this palette was going to be my favourite! Available in two variants, the 10 Color Powder Palette is perfect to be used as a contour palette as well, how cool is that?

Let’s dive into this palette now!

It comes in a big, sturdy plastic case and I quite like the layout as well. The only thing it’s lacking is a mirror which would have been quite handy but oh well.

The shades are spread out in lightest to darkest formation. There is a mixture of warm and warm undertones which makes it perfectly suitable for many skin tones. The powder itself is very fine and smooth. It blends beautifully and sinks into the skin, giving it a flawless texture. It does a great job in setting concealer and foundation.

You can mix the shades together to create your perfect shade. I use the lightest shades as a brow bone highlight sometimes. They act as perfect primers for eye shadow as well. I tend to use the last two from left side collection and the middle one from the second section as transition shades for my eye makeup.

The darkest shades act as wonderful contours and each have different undertones. You can use the powders for contouring, for setting makeup, as eye shadow primer, transitions shades and as highlights!

Isn’t it a perfect little package for everyday use? Let me know what your thoughts are!