I’m Sukanya, the voice of Styles & Sensibilities. I’m a beauty and lifestyle blogger with a penchant for make-up, skincare and anything pretty.

In my blog you’ll find my beauty obsessions, blogging tips and my lifestyle thoughts. I pride myself on writing reviews and content that’s going to tell you what’s hot – and what’s not and will be 100% honest.

I’m currently a student who is pursuing journalism, trying to improve my photography, cuddling with my puppies and drowning myself in music and anime.

Last year, I met Jessica, a fellow blogger, and decided we should do a collaboration, but we didn’t want to do just any old collaboration, we wanted to created something, so we put our heads together and decided on – Beauty Bloggers Corner – a Facebook group for bloggers all over the world to share, connect and collaborate. I wouldn’t say it’s your average blogger Facebook group at all, there’s not many rules and we don’t expect too much. We simply wanted to create a space on the internet for friends to get together, support each other on our journeys. The group has turned out to be amazing and everyone included is amazingly supportive and engaged!

Join my humble little corner in the internet and explore the world with me!

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