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Autumn & Winter Wishlist 2017

This is the season of horror, maple leaves, chilly winds and pumpkin lattes!

Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons and I get very excited when September rolls in signalling that Fall is here and Winter follows behind it.

I enjoy sitting in my cosy PJs, sipping coffee and scrolling through several websites admiring the new fashion. I have never done a wishlist on my blog before and now that I have decided to create one, this is the perfect season for it!

I have really enjoyed decorating my room with tea lights and candles. I have created several warm toned makeup looks, admired the new eye shadow palettes and pretty lipsticks. Now it’s time for me to admire some cosy woollies and jumpers.

Quick question: What do you like to wear during long winter nights?

Here are my favourite picks and I will leave links to all of them down below!

What are your favourite pieces from my wishlist? If you have a wishlist as well, leave your links down below as I’d love to have a look!



Yellow sweater:

Maroon sweater :

Blue Sweater :

Coffee tee:

Coffee hoodie:

Black Bag:

Pink bag:

Totoro bag:

Totoro fleece:

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