I have been extremely fascinated with planners and printables for as long as I can remember. I used to visit Google images, blog posts and admire the various kinds of printables people made. When I started my Graphic Design course, the first thing I wanted to make was my own planner and I did. I printed it out and filled it with my notes and goals.

There is something very calming and assuring about planners isn’t there? Maybe that’s just how I feel but I know how helpful they are. Which is why I decided to create a few simple yet colourful planners for you, my readers. I have been working on them for a while and a few of them came out very packed and the others a bit too colourful. I needed to calm my hyper self and create functional ones, which my readers could use without getting blinded by the colours.

Which is what I did and create three planners as a starter.

I went for bright colours which I hoped (fingers crossed) they were cute. *Wink*

The printables areĀ ABSOLUTELY FREEĀ and I wanted to create these to thank my readers for taking the time to read my articles and for supporting my blogging journey.

I do hope you will enjoy using these and yes, there are several more printables (Of all kinds) to come so make sure you drop by here from time-to-time to collect your latest free printable.

Psssst, Hey love, the next printable is for new bloggers!! Keep an eye out *Wink*