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Introducing GlamGals Cosmetics: Foundations and Primer

Recently I received several makeup products from GlamGals Cosmetics which I have been trying out for the past couple of weeks. Instead of creating a long post crammed with every product review, I thought I would go in sections. So today I wanted to talk about their foundations and primer.

Since I have two foundations to talk about, let’s start with those!


I have often found that stick foundations work better on my skin than a regular liquid foundation so I was very excited to try this product. It comes in a medium sized black cylindrical case with a screw on cap, which let me tell you, is very handy in case if you drop it! I must confess, I often forgot it was screwed in and I started pulling on the cap wondering why it won’t open. I practically groaned and face-palmed myself when I realized (every time) that it was screwed on.

Enough of my jabbering, let me tell you about this stick foundation. Like every stick foundation out there in the market, this one is travel friendly and light weight. I got mine in the shade SF02 which almost matches my skin tone but the only problem is, it has a very strong, peachy undertone which might not sit well with different skin tones.

The texture is absolutely marvellous! It’s creamy and very easy to blend. It provides light to medium coverage and is buildable. It glides on the skin like butter and I honestly can’t get over that feeling! This easily became my everyday foundation because I prefer stick foundations and it gave me the coverage of my choice.

Rating: 9/10


I was very excited to try out this foundation because I never had one which had a brush as the dispenser. So the day I sat down to use it, you can imagine my surprise when I found out that the dispenser was broken. I sat there twisting and pushing the button at the bottom for several minutes but niente! I guess the bottle was just faulty so it’s not a big deal so I started unscrewing and uncorking the bottle to get to the foundation inside. The shade was a bit too dark but I still tried it out and the finish is really good. It has medium to full coverage and it provides a flawless, velvety finish which I loved! I will try and mix it with a shade adjuster and use it because it’s definitely something I want to wear again.

It comes in a pretty rose-gold cylindrical packaging and me being the big rose-gold lover that I am, had to admire it! The idea of having a brush as a dispenser seemed pretty nice too since you won’t need to use a separate foundation brush to apply the liquid.

Rating: 7/10


If you live in a hot and humid country, chances are you have big pores like me which is why I had high hopes from this primer. It is a silicone based primer with a gel like consistency. I used it a couple of times before using my foundation and didn’t notice any visible changes in my skin. I was expecting it to fill in or at least diminish the appearance of pores a little but nothing. It didn’t sit well on my skin and didn’t get absorbed making the foundation appear as if it was a visible layer of mask.

Rating 4/10

Have you ever tried any GlamGals Cosmetics?

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