Moccasins All Year Round

Do you remember Nancy Drew wearing tan loafers and moccasins when she was running around solving a mystery? I used to read Nancy Drew religiously throughout my teenage years and the one thing that stood for me about her was her sense of style and fashion. Being a self-proclaimed shoe-a-holic, I always notice what people or my favourite characters from movies or books are wearing. From sky high heels to dainty, fancy flip flops, I love dressing up my feet in something fun and in a style which says how I am feeling or a style which reflects my personality.

Call me old fashioned but I loved the fashion styles of 1930-60’s. I really enjoy wearing sensible loafers or a captivating pair of high heels. I am a very versatile person when it comes to fashion but one item of fashion which has stuck with me ever since I started reading Nancy Drew are Moccasins.

My mother knows how much I love a good pair of moccasin so she bought me a smart pair from Minnetonka when she came back from her trip from the US. Comfortable, fun and so me! This pair of moccasin compliments me and my wardrobe so much.

I enjoy paring it with a white shirt and blue boyfriend jeans and I wait to wear it in the summer time as well. It may be a little too heavy for summer but I never really minded that because when a pair of shoes is this good and comfortable, you don’t really care, do you? Well at least I know I don’t! What kind of shoes did you wear throughout your teenage years?

Do you want to know what made this pair stand out so much for me? I guess it was the combination of tan, fringe and a simple yet beautiful intricate work of black and white beads that won my heart. They are the softest things ever and can’t you just picture how amazing it will look with a white sun dress?

I love high heels but if I had to choose, I’d definitely go with moccasins. They are practical, stylish and incredibly retro.

Have you ever owned a pair of moccasins? This was my first ever fashion piece and I hope I did the shoes justice! Expect more fashion posts in future as well!