Sephora Collection Makeup Review!

I think you can pretty much imagine how ecstatic I must have been when my sister sent over Sephora goodies for me. My sister had bought them for my birthday but she ended up showing me what she had gotten because she was just too excited. Unfortunately, that made me very mad because I wanted them right away and I couldn’t have them. That sure made her grin evilly! Dear sis, if you are reading this, I will have my revenge! *evil laugh*

I talked about the goodies on social media and so many of you wanted me to do a post on it so here it is! Sit back, sip on your coffee and enjoy!


Without even removing the plastic wrap around it, I was in love. By now I’m sure most of you are very much aware of how big of a lipstick addict I am so you can imagine what a fresh stick of lipstick does to me! To be honest, when I look at the case, it only reminds me of hourglass figure and that is the best way I can describe the packaging. It is a regular twist lipstick and I have the shades #26 Love Poems and #29 Latin Lover. Both of them are very similar in colour, with Love Poems being more shimmery because it has minute glitter particles. Both of them are beautiful shades of coral and they look so pretty! They have translucent colour payoff and are extremely buttery. In fact, the moment I swipe them on my lips, it honestly feels like it’ll melt and break. They are so delicate! If you’re eating or drinking, the colour will definitely disappear and you’ll need to re-touch. It has a very glossy finish and if you’re into matte, this is not for you. I do enjoy wearing this colour from time to time to save my lips from continuous matte attack and my lips feel moisturized.


It’s a translucent lip balm and oil hybrid which is prefect for hydrating your lips and giving it a pop of colour at the same time. I have the shade Tangerine Fizz which is gorgeous bright orange shade but it doesn’t apply extremely bright on the lips. It looks like a tinted lip balm and feels like a hydration bomb. I definitely see my self reaching for it all the time during winter because I have seen quick results with this. It does help my lips stay moisturized for a long time. I must confess, I am extremely happy with this infusion. I usually don’t like lip glosses but this is so different. It’s not at all sticky but it is a little greasy because of…well, the oil. I’d highly recommend this if you’re looking for something to keep your lips hydrated this winter.


I started using this during a festival season here because I was going to be outdoors for long hours and I didn’t want to worry about my eye makeup. Usually I stick to warm, natural shades for my eye shadow but during festivities, I have to bring out the big guns and glitters! So that means lots and lots of primer. I use concealers on my lids and set them down with powder but after a while because of the heat, it starts to run so I chose this powder primer. It’s super finely milled and blends into he skin without leaving a trace. Blending eye shadow on top it is very easy and it stays put for really long hours! It comes in a small compact case making it perfect for travelling as well.

Have you tried any products from the Sephora Collection? Which is your favourite eye primer?


By far this is the most interesting eye liner i have seen. Can I be a geek here and say that the small bottle reminded me of the ink bottles used in Jane Austen novels? Sorry! But I must say I was very intrigued by what I found inside. I was expecting it to be a regular gel eyeliner but nooo… NOOOO… Oh it’s something even prettier! The liquid liner is soaked inside a sponge and yes, that is what you’ll find inside the bottle. The liner itself is very wet and you just have to dab the brush in it, not rub or drag and the brush will be coated with the dark ink. However, you have to apply as fast as possible because it dries up quickly. Keeping the lid open will result in the product drying as well so be careful when using it!


As I said earlier, I tend to stick to warm, natural tones but during festivities, I do bring out my big glittery guns. This time I used this gorgeous eye shadow in the shade Midnight Madness. It has the most beautiful shimmery, frosty finish and feels incredibly buttery! I’m madly in love with this and it’s such a lovely colour. It has fine glitters in it so it’ll definitely make your eyes stand out during night time.

What are your favourite Sephora goodies? Let me know and also which ones did your like from the above?