Perfect Planners For Bloggers: Ft. Jessica Jade Designs

A new planner feels like getting a clean slate, full of fresh crisp sheets ready to be filled with ideas and plans for the future. To be honest, I didn’t start using a planner till a couple of months ago. I always used to store information in my head and thought I was pretty good at it. However, a couple of months ago I noticed how I always seemed to forget important posts, social media updates and even dates. That’s when I knew I needed to put my ideas on a concrete base to make it last.

As an amateur, I handled using a planner very poorly but I realized I needed the planners which made me want to look at them. You see, I am a sucker for everything beautiful so it made sense for me to write on something which will make me want to look at it. The best thing about creating planners yourself is that you know exactly what you need in it.

That is exactly what my friend Jessica has done and she created several blogging and social media planners. I was so thrilled when she sent me some of her planners and I had to share with you these beautiful and not to mention very useful planners.

Marble Planners

If you are a sucker for the marble print and design, look no further than these gorgeous ones. It’s incredible how many varieties she has created to suit everyone’s needs and preferences. I personally loved the Detailed Blog Post Planner which is perfect when writing and publishing articles. There is a section which helps you plan out the pictures required for the post, a checklist; a must have in case you have forgotten something, a small corner for notes and a section for important information you need to add.

If you are looking for something simpler, her Simple Blog Post Planner might just be for you.  A simple checklist and a column for putting all your ideas. If you want to keep a track of all your posts for the week, then her Weekly Blog Post Planner is just the thing you need. It has a useful social media checklist, an important notes section a to-do list as well to help you be blogging boss!

Even though I melt for marble designs, I can’t help but drool over her pink, grey designs which make me scream YAAAASSS! You got it, I love pink!

So if you are someone looking for the perfect blogging and social media planners, don’t forget to head over to Jessica Jade Designs and snag some for yourself to have a more productive blogging journey!

Till next time!