10 Ways To Tackle Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block. It is a big black hole where I find myself ever so often. I’m not going to lie, writer’s block is the main reason for my lack of posts and it definitely costs me. Have you ever found yourself in this situation: Okay, I have prepared everything, my coffee is at the right temperature and my fingers are ready to type away! Ideas COME!

A few hours later…

Oh my god, why am I still thinking about that grilled cheese sandwich from last week?

I’m ashamed to say, that really happens to me. It takes a lot of motivation for me to just sit down and finish a post. But I find that once I do start a sentence, everything comes naturally. At least that is the case with me. But figuring out that first sentence is a real pain in the tushy!

I know several people who find themselves in a small deserted island with only one tree after the first line and girl, I know it is very frustrating!

You might think, “Sukanya, after the first line you are good to go how is that writer’s block?”

Nope… Nuu-uuuh!!

Let me tell you the truth, I can literally sit for hours (even days) figuring out how I should start the story or article. Not to mention I end up in weird curled up sitting positions by the end of my thinking time.

So writer’s block is a really problem for me as well. I looked it up online and tried several of the suggestions provided by other writers.

The results? Honestly, nothing.

At least for me the results were zero but for you they just might work! That made me realize something. You see, all of us live under different scenarios. Everyone has different personalities. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa.

Living conditions affect writer’s block as well. Your daily lifestyle is yet another reason.

So when trying to tackle writer’s block, you need to take into account the resources you have, your living and lifestyle condition, your job, the place where you live.

My scenario is something like this and I’m going to be brutally honest about it:

I live at home and pursue my college degree in correspondence. I rarely go out because of the climatic situations. My friends study in different states so it’s very difficult to meet them. There is nothing to do in the city where I live besides visiting malls and looking at the same shops.

This was just to give you a general idea. You can see how writer’s block finds me easily, huh?

This is why I compiled a list of things and activities you can do to make you more productive and pull that writer’s block by the ear and leave it outside your room. These tips personally have helped me a lot and I’ve written 5 articles in 3 hours.

  • Change Your Working Stations: I always worked on my study table and it was crowded with my text books and assignment sheets. I switched it up and started sitting on the floor, the bed and it improved a little. I decided to create my own little blogging area. I added a big table and a few chairs. Seemed to work but on my god my back killed me. I removed the chairs and brought a big fluffy sofa instead and just right, as the little bear would have said. You can switch up your work station and create a platform where you will feel comfortable and relaxed. A place where you’ll want to work.
  • Clear Your Head, Run: Running is something I’ve always enjoyed. I used to run on a treadmill when I went to the gym. It became monotonous after a while. So I decided to wake up early and jog around my big complex. It’s full of lakes, trees and animals. Nature sure helps clear your mind. I go home when I’m sure I am ready to start the day.
  • Finding MY Prime Time: This is different for every person. For me, I love to write in the mornings when the room is lit with the morning light and air. Birds chirping around me and the warm rays of the sun making me cosy and happy. You might find the evenings to be more suitable for you. For me, I find the evenings perfect for my studies. So it’s important that you find your prime time. Take your time and see which time works the best for you.
  • Keep A Notepad: Does this happen to anyone else? You are suddenly hit by an idea? It can be a post idea or just a line, which is very funny. Oh gosh, this has happened to me countless times! I say, oh I’ll remember it and don’t write it down. Result? Yeah, I’ve forgotten in minutes. I keep notepads everywhere now. How does this help you ask? Keep on writing down your ideas, you will be surprised how useful they are when you writing something and are looking for a good idea or line.
  • Social Media For Inspiration: Pinterest for me is the perfect spot for inspiration. I always have a tab in Chrome for Pinterest and I scroll down from time to time, admiring beautiful pictures. Who knows when you get hit by the green light of ideas.
  • Reward Yourself: I’m a big procrastinator. Can I tell you an embarrassing thing I did to motivate myself to study? I hid a piece of cookie or a candy after every 5 pages so that I would study. Yesss…YES! I did do that and please don’t run away. Let me tell you, it worked and I finished chapters quicker than ever! Tell yourself that 50 or 100 words then you get a treat! Treat yourself to a piece of chocolate or read that next chapter of the book you’ve been dying to read.
  • Eliminate Distractions & Read Aloud: The first thing I did when I created my blogging corner was to never clutter and remove unwanted or distracting things from my table and out of my reach. Things like comics, books… basically anything that distracts me. Another thing that helps me write is reading aloud. I pretend I’m reading aloud to an audience while writing and the results are really great. I highly recommend you try it.
  • Write While You Try To Sleep: This.THIS! Is my major enemy. You won’t believe how creative my mind gets just before it shuts down. It’s like I’m Shakespeare and words are flowing left and right which makes me wonder did I just hit a switch while I hit my pillow? Where on earth has this been? I can practically create an entire post while almost hitting the snooze. Notepads to the rescue! I keep one on my bedside table and scribble everything down. You should definitely try this one.
  • Write At A Different Place: When I go out for my morning run, I take my notebook with me. It is really refreshing to sit under a canopy of trees and words just start to pour out.
  • Freestyle Writing: Continuing the above mentioned writing at a different place, when I do sit down to write, I don’t always writer about blog post ideas. I write about what I’m feeling. It is an opportunity to stream write a series of emotional or just random thoughts.

So these are just some of the things I do to tackle my ever present writer’s block. I’d love to know how you handle yours. Any suggestion or tips are welcome. Writer to writer, let’s help eliminate that little bugger for good!